About us

Société Technique d’Étirage de Précision – SOTEP

SOTEP was created in 1980 on its current Chouday site, in the Indre département in France. Installed on a site in the heart of the Berry countryside, the SOTEP factory has grown significantly over the years, growing from a building of 800 m2 to a covered complex of 6,400 m2. Endowed with generous land reserves, the site is conducive to the future development of the factory.

SOTEP's main activity is the manufacture of stainless steel precision tubes in small and medium quantities, in order to meet manufacturers' needs in terms of specific products that neither steelmakers nor stockists are able to supply to them. For some years now, SOTEP has also been supplying metal tube parts from tubes the company manufactures so as to help its clients to shorten and optimise their supply chain for their specific tubing needs.

With expertise developed over several decades of manufacturing hundreds of thousands of metres of tubes, SOTEP has experienced employees with real know-how, a solid command of the processes for manufacturing tubes and an increasing number of very high quality tube parts, meeting very advanced specifications for highly demanding market segments such as aeronautics, the nuclear industry, oil exploration, the medical industry, etc.

SOTEP is today a recognised precision tube stakeholder at international level, its influence going far beyond France. Thanks to the company's partners (OEMs, end users and distributors), SOTEP tubes are to be found in China, in the Taïshan, and Hualong nuclear power plants, in Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium, in refineries in the Middle East, in oil fields all over the world and in the air, on the entire Airbus range, on the Rafale, on helicopters, etc.