SOTEP supplies tubes and tube parts to the most demanding industries:aeronautics, nuclear energy, medicine, high pressure applications, oil, exploration, etc.

Dimensional precision, obtaining special mechanical characteristics, mastery of special processes, and meticulous surface finishes are just some of the criteria that lead high-ranking manufacturers to work with SOTEP.

SOTEP's know-how and mastery in terms of the processes applied enable it to manufacture tubes and parts in very small dimensions (small diameters and small thicknesses such as capillary tubes), and also with very high diameter/thickness ratios enabling flow optimisations while controlling mass.

Products manufactured by SOTEP are installed on often extreme applications - whether in the middle of a nuclear island in very high temperatures and under very high pressures, inside a gas or oil well, in corrosive atmospheres (NACE MR0175-MR0103) and under very high pressures, on aircraft engines, in vibratory environments requiring a high level of fatigue resistance, in security organs, etc. SOTEP's quality and rigour are the assets required for the successful achievement of such projects.

Moreover, SOTEP is not just a manufacturer of tubes and tube parts - it is also a quality organisation structured around its Quality Department for the successful completion of projects which are highly demanding, not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of documentation (quality plan, PTF (technical manufacturing programme), RFF (end of manufacturing report), etc.).